The virtual exhibition organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the existence and work of the Noble Design Art Workshop is the sum of many years of dedicated work, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The workshop was conceived and founded by me, Vesna Osojnički, Master of Arts, academic sculptor, professor mentor, and I was supported by numerous artists who responded to the invitation to participate in the project. The exhibition shows one work by most of the artists who worked and stayed in the Workshop for at least a week in 25 international cancers, thus covering a quarter of the total works of the holdings, which were made possible by the city of Vrbovsko.

I hold that the collection, in terms of scope and artistic value, deserves a museum. Above all, I emphasize the persistence and sacrifice in the whole project, thanks to which the Workshop operated successfully, productively and with enthusiasm for 25 years.

Not only my life, the best of his age, but also the life of my son Goran and the irreplaceable support and help of father Petar Osojnički, two people without whom I would not have enough strength and perseverance to last and all this time believe in my idea, are woven into it.

I came to Plemenitaš in the spring of 1994, rented a space and started renovating in order to achieve at least the minimum conditions for artists to come and dedicate themselves to their work. Right there, in that small picturesque village during the Homeland War, I was carried away by the need to do something for my homeland, for the village of my father, grandfather, great-grandfather ….

And it worked! Persistence and volunteering paid off in excess of expectations: I could not even imagine such a virtual exhibition that will tour the whole world at the beginning of the Workshop.

The exhibition you are following is the crown of my life project, my pride and recognition for my efforts and also a virtual memorial for a small village with a dozen inhabitants, on the edge of Gorski Kotar, above the Kupa River. The new technology is a guarantee that these works of participants from all over the world will exist in eternity testifying to the power of creativity and the importance of man’s need for artistic expression.

I thank the artists who contributed to the wealth of the fund by participating in the Workshop, I thank the Ministry of Culture, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Vrbovsko for long-term cooperation and all who in any way contributed to our 25-year gatherings, work, exchange of experiences and learning about different cultures.

This virtual exhibition documents the basic ideas of the Plemenitaš Design Art Workshop – within our framework of a unique project that certainly deserves to be included in important events at the world level, and its exceptional results.

I dedicate it to everyone who comes from this area, wherever they are in the world at the moment, especially to the younger generations – with the message to be proud of their cultural heritage and preserve it by incorporating it into their lives and creativity. I leave you to enjoy the artwork of the participants and their understanding of art.

mr.art Vesna Osojnički, ak. kip.